Marina Ray's fascination with fashion history and music was evident at a young age as an avid collector of  books, articles, artwork and any other type of media centered on iconic artists and trendsetters. Growing up in Oakland, California, steeped in the history of legendary novelists, artists, performers and pop culture icons, set the stage for her career in the entertainment industry.

While a student at U.C. Berkeley, she spent many late nights working behind the scenes at live concerts for Bill Graham Entertainment.  A deep appreciation of the entertainment business formed while waiting in the wings with bands and artists like The Pretenders, Prince, Blondie, Madonna and many more. Her next stint in the music industry was at Polygram Records as an assistant brand manager. During her many years there she  absorbed the process of brand development & marketing  musical artists. Exposure to the world of costumes and fashion that was intragal to the music industry lead to a defining moment to follow her passion for fashion styling. With that intention, she moved to Los Angeles to embark on a path towards Costume Design for Film, TV, Videos and Commercials. 

Over the course of 10 years, her collaborationson a wide array of projects including TV, features, short films and branded content with celebrity talent has taken her across the country and garnered many awards. Throughout her career she holds steadfast to the core belief that the magic of wardrobe design creates strong characters. Currently Ms. Ray resides in Los Angeles, CA.